of executives prefer watching videos over reading text
consumers learn by watching video than reading manuals
of people are inspired to take action by watching a video

Video Marketing Agency In Pune India


We are independent collective industry innovators. We provide you everything in-house by offering consistency, convenience, and confidence in the work. Creating data proven, Tailor Made video marketing plans for MSMEs & Startups is our USP. We are one of the best video marketing agencies in India, providing services in other six countries.

Service We Provide


We create videos that work as excellent communicators. Whether you need to share your emotions, build trust, create brand value, increase ROI, or send messages to your audience, we at AnimationPlanet, create videos that act as the best tool. We are the best video marketing agency in Pune. Since, our unique SVMP -Systematic Video Marketing Plan TM framework gives you the leverage of content development, digital marketing, and video marketing under one roof. We bring the best experience to you with the expert’s team. We create content and design a proper video marketing strategy for you. We provide you complete support until you achieve your goal. Share your marketing goals with us and allow us to make it a reality.


Talking About The AnimationPlanet

We understand that you probably want to know a bit more about what it’s like to work with us. Who better to explain that than some of our clients:


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The process though complex is not hard to understand. It generally follows these simple 6 steps.

1. We do a detailed research of the client’s wants and needs and jot them down into precise points.

2. An authentic script is then made as result of good brainstorming of our team, based on the knowledge gathered from the client and the market scenario.

3. Then a quick storyboard is made to visualize the script flow. In the meantime.

4. The ready script is sent to the professional voice-over artists to get the audio done. Simultaneously a detailed style framing of the storyboard is done, to get the correct look and feel, effective designing and clear branding in the video.

5. By this step, voice-over and style frames are ready to get animated. All the designs and graphics are then creatively woven together with innovative transitions and eye-catching animations.

6. Superb engaging music and special sound effects are added to the video for final touches.


If it is a 2D video, it usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks to complete a single video, an end to end process. This includes the time required by the client review process.

For 3D one, it can take from 8 to 10 weeks, depending upon the complexity.


You do not need to wait for that long. We will only take the time to create the animation depending upon the complexity of the work.

Videos can be largely beneficial for business purposes. For example:

Staff inductions, business explainers, internal trainings, user manuals, case studies, testimonials, office and corporate presentations, promotions, to celebrate a company milestone, for recruitment, for building brand value with potential customer, pitching a value preposition, to support an important business application, and so much more.