5 Videos That Are Absolutely Essential For Every Business


We’ve all heard about different types of videos that are good for business growth. Searching through the internet we get thousands of results, talking about 30 or 40 types of videos. All of them have a specific purpose to bring out specific results.

However, from so many videos on how to select the highly important ones?

In this blog, let’s learn what are the 5 videos that are essential for any business. What should be their production quality and where to post them for maximum effect?


1. Explainer Video

This is the first and the most important video that a business should have. Whether it’s a startup, small business, or large corporate.

It not only showcases the product or service but also displays the value the business provides to the customer.  Also,it does that within a short time, from 30 to 90 sec.

Generally, this video is an animated video as it needs to be highly attractive and engaging. You can also use Live shoot videos in a few cases. Particularly, this video is used to increase awareness about your brand.

The production quality of this video needs to be high. It’s better to hire a video production company. Involve them in the creative process, from script to the end product, to get the best results.

As this video is great for brand awareness, use them in places where viewers can easily see them. For eg; on the homepage of your website, Facebook page cover, featured section of Facebook and LinkedIn, email signature, new visitors section of your YouTube channel, etc.

Check out examples for explainer videos here: https://theanimationplanet.com/explainer-videos/

The second type of video is the

2. Business Profile Video

A business profile video is also called as corporate video when created for large corporations. However, the basic idea behind a business profile video is to show the business culture, what values the business has, and what is their vision.

This video helps the employees to have faith in their company. Besides, it gives the customers a point to build trust in the business while making their decision.

The production quality of this video needs to be high.

You can use this video on the landing page of your website or on about us page. You can also use it as a feature video on Facebook, LinkedIn, and for returning visitors section on YouTube channel. Equally, use it in company events.

Ok, now lets come down to the 3rd video i.e.

3. Educational Video / Product Demo Video

These videos can be of 1 or more quantity depending on the product range and business sectors.

These videos are primarily used to educate potential customers. For eg: training videos, how-to videos, app demo videos, product demo videos, etc

They can be from high quality, animated product promos to ppt presentation videos. You can also create these videos using a smartphone. The production quality of these videos can be from medium to high. In order to use them as regular marketing content, they need to quickly created.

These are majorly used on the YouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram organic posts. Short trailers of these videos can also be used in Paid advertising.


4. Client Testimonials / Case Studies

A client testimonial is the fourth essential video for the business. This is what acts as social proof.

People believe in other people’s experiences. Thus, having a video testimonial gives the potential customer a reason to trust the company. Furthermore, having a case study about the client’s experience tells in detail, what problem the client had and how the business fulfilled it.

The production quality here needs to be medium to high. This means, to have a few great quality testimonials displayed on the website. While others can be taken on a smartphone and shared on social media channels.


5. Personal Value Video

Every businessman has a personal touch to his business. Hence, this video caters to that requirement.

For example, having the CEO address the client gives a different impact than sharing a general company video. This increases the overall brand value of the company. Consequently, helping the business to build good relations.

The production quality of this video needs to be high. You can use this video to share via email or as a personal message on LinkedIn to the prospective client.

More videos come in many different areas of the company. However, these 5 are a must to have.

If you wish to know the tips to create videos that keep visitors on the website, check out this link here: https://theanimationplanet.com/6-tips-to-create-a-video-that-keeps-your-audience-on-your-website/

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