6 Myths Of Video Marketing

6 Myths Of Video Marketing


In 2018 video marketing started building its place in the ecosystem. And it became a trend in the marketing world. But many of us as MSMEs are still unable to include it in our marketing strategy due to few myths.

Myths are nothing, they are just fear to accept something new comes into the market. It is the procrastination of the decision to adopt change.

“Eat your ugliest frog first”, said the author of the book, “Eat that Frog”, Brian Tracy.

Therefore, if you have fear of creating a video. Or if you procrastinate creating videos for your business, determine to do it now.

Let’s discuss the myths to overcome your procrastination and fear of creating videos for your business.

MYTH 1. Video is too expensive

One of the most common universal myths about video marketing is that “video is too expensive”. And it’s out of my budget. This is especially a myth amid small businesses, medium businesses, freelancers, individual brands,  and new start-ups.

According to The Heinz Marketing Report: Over 59% of companies spend less than 10% of their marketing budget on videos. 

Companies with less than 30 employees also come under this.

You have this myth because you are craving perfection. Whereas, beginning with a small step is vital. Start with your current available resources and tools. Set your budget and start today.

AnimationPlanet’s SVMP (Systematic Video Marketing Plan) framework is designed to create videos for you within your budget.

AnimationPlanet has done the research. And has concluded that your audience is not looking for expensive videos. They are craving authentic videos. This is one of the biggest reasons for the explosion in micro-influencer marketing and user-generated content. They don’t focus on perfection, they focus on sharing messages and knowledge.

MYTH 2. Making a video is tiresome.

Generally, when we think of the video, a big picture comes into our mind like making a blockbuster movie like the Avengers or Bahubali. This scares us and we drop the idea.  When we think of the videos- scripts, storyboards, procuring actors, equipment, and hiring someone in jockey pants to operate the clapperboard and the director shouting, “Action!” comes to our mind. Which frightens us, to begin with.

 However modern video marketing is worlds apart from Hollywood or Bollywood and requires a lot less effort. Especially, When it comes to camera equipment, the age-old proverb is yet true

Illustration- the best camera is the one that’s vital to start with.

Your basic mobile camera is perfect, to begin with. And your employees are the best actors to speak in front of it. Since they know better about your products and services than any Hollywood or Bollywood actor. Additionally, your client’s testimonials are the best brand ambassador for you.

MYTH 3. We don’t know how to start

People have this preconceived notion “I don’t know where to begin. Many MSMEs are confused about how to start video marketing. After reading on google, they get some hints that video marketing has helped many businesses. However, they have doubts if it will help them or not… Also, they don’t know where to start from, and how to start.

AnimationPlanet has resolved this issue. AnimationPlanet’s SVMP framework is a tailor-made system. It analyzes your business stage and makes a growth marketing strategy for your business. Our experts know at what stage which video is used. 

For instance, if you wish to reach your customer and get known, then a brand video along with a couple of promotional and explainer videos used strategically on social media and other platforms will bring the result of awareness.

MYTH 4. Video has limited Marketing Scope

Many people often say that video has limited marketing scope. It’s not a complete marketing strategy.

Yes, you are right…!!!

Video marketing is not a complete marketing strategy, however, it is a vital one. Without video, every marketing strategy is incomplete in today’s scenario.

Beginning from your website to your email marketing, including social media platforms- video marketing has made marketing easy and flexible. It has uplifted the way of marketing. And it is going to rule the market for the next 25-30 years. Since, according to the U-curve/adoption curve, anything new that comes to the market rules the market for the next 25-30 years.

MYTH 5. Video Making is a time taking Process.

The majority of people delay the decision of adopting video marketing in their business. Freelancers and individual brands keep procrastinating to create a video. Since they believe it is a time-consuming process.

To be honest, it is a time-taking process. But believe it, it’s worth the time. Anything good in life takes time. Easily available things are not valued. The time spent on video gives you a long-term impact to build brand value. It helps your audience in understanding your values and authenticity.

Nonetheless, AnimationPlanet has eased your job. Our experts take care of everything. They understand your business, find out the problems and provide appropriate solutions. And accordingly, create videos for you.

MYTH 6. Copied content to make a video

Many people believe that they can copy content collectively from different articles available on google. And convert them into a video. Also, they act smartly to add keywords to those videos for better reach. Not just that, they also try to create backlinks for the same. But their idea is ruined soon. Since  Google understands these loopholes and prohibits copied content in videos.

Don’t try to trick Google, you might lose your marketplace.

Unless your content has a high value, it can’t give you the desired result. 

AnimationPlanet understands this problem of MSME. And provide them with tailor-made packages. Here you get rich content from our content experts with high-quality result-oriented videos.

Hence, don’t delay your decision. Don’t procrastinate to create your videos. AnimationPlanets’ video marketing team is a bunch of experts that can do impossible things for you.

Contact AnimationPlanet, the video marketing agency to build the best video marketing strategy for your business.

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