6 Tips To Create A Video That Keeps Your Audience On Your Website.

6 Tips To Create A Video That Keeps Your Audience On Your Website.

In 2020, we all are looking for our customers to choose us, come to our website and stay there for a longer duration.

For that we do things like SEO, use attractive and different styling, fonts, images, etc just for the extra 1 to 2 min of potential customer time.

With the video boom from 2013, it has provided the most engagement factor and kept the people longest on the website.

But with the massive video growth in 2019, came the reduction of the attention span of the people. Unless your content and visuals attract the person within 10 sec, you lose them to your competition.


The biggest and to some people the only search engine is Google, which loves videos. Thus having great content, engaging video seems logical to display on your website.

Using our study of customer psychology and the experience of working for a variety of industries, we compiled the quickest way to create engaging content that will be well received and appreciated by the audience, into 6 tips.


Tip 1: Use Simple Conversational language in the content of the video.

Video is a medium to connect with people whom you cannot meet personally, and unless your customers are experts in the field your business is in, they won’t be able to understand what you say.

But, if they are experts in your business field, they probably won’t need you anyway.

Thus it’s best to use, simple conversational language to be able to reach people who don’t know your area and need to solve their problems.

In other words, you need to create good content in simple language.



Tip 2: Focus on “One Emotion” that the business prominently conveys and is appreciated by the customers.

Human, being social and smart, is still an animal. One thing that is subconsciously hard-wired in every human, is emotion.

No matter how logical and calculative a person is, his decision is fairly dominated by the emotion it brings.

Happiness, joy, sorrow, pride, peace, shock, sense of belonging/ community, etc all connect to every human ever alive on earth.

Thus a video that has 1 strong emotion, en-captures the audience’s attention immediately and has the potential to go viral.

Tip 3: Create animations or compile effective visuals that emphasize the emotion with clear “call to action”.

As mentioned in tip 2, emotion connects to people. Thus its highly essential to emphasize the emotion with appropriate visuals or animations.

Take, for instance, a video of hot steaming pizza with tasty toppings and long stretchy cheese when someone bites up a portion. It immediately makes you order one for yourself, right?

That’s the power of visuals around emotion.

Even if you are not hungry, the visuals make you crave pizza and you instantly order one by calling the number that comes at the end of the video (call to action).

Therefore, using relevant and meaningful visuals, enhance the message of the video. Moreover, the “call to action” at the end makes your audience take action once they watch the video.

You are planning to eat pizza today, right?…

Tip 4: Add complimenting music and voice-over to comply with the meaning.

Many of us are auditory people. People who connect to the language of sound.

A piece of well-compiled music and voice-over not only intensifies the emotion and message of the video, but it also gives a deeper sense of the meaning behind the video.

It adds to your brand value.

Even if people forget the visuals, they’ll definitely remember the music of the brand.

For example Intel, McDonald’s, Netflix, etc

Tip 5: Provide captions in target customer’s language for higher effectiveness.

Many people watch social media when they are traveling, doing work or just hiding from parents or partners.

Thus they see all the videos in mute, hoping never to get caught.

To engage this audience, which is the majority, it’s better to give them something to read along with the video, so they understand what your video is all about.

Major social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn allow you to put separate .srt files along with the video.

You can transcribe the audio by yourself or do that online with some fees. If you are choosing online, the .srt file received from them is generally timed to your audio. After that, you need to upload the file to the social media channels for greater engagement. Video editors like premiere pro can help you time the transcription and burn in the video.

Tip 6: Use suitable #keywords and #hashtags in the video description to make it searchable on the search engine.

At last, it’s highly important to optimize your video using appropriate keywords and hashtags.

Video SEO is the need of the hour with such massive content being uploaded on the internet every minute.

You need to do fair research for the most popular keywords that don’t have a lot of competition in your niche. You then need to use them in the title, description, tags, and other SEO recognized areas.

We’ll be covering Video SEO in detail in an upcoming blog.


At AnimationPlanet, we create the most relevant and engaging video content for businesses who are in need. Working for industries like IT, finance, food, health, education, psychology, etc, allowed us to study the various obstacles they go through while marketing. Conclusively, helping them to solve their issues.

We would love to hear your questions and comments on this blog. Do tell us which part of video marketing you would like to read a blog on. We’ll arrange that for you.

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