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AnimationPlanet – Video Marketing Agency In Pune

Video Marketing Agency In Pune

We Put One Foot Into Clients’ Shoes To Understand & Resolve Their Marketing Problem

In today’s saturated market, it’s easy for small and medium businesses to fade into the background. AnimationPlanet Video Marketing Agency Pune, India, refuses to let that happen to MSMEs. We take a disruptive approach that ensures their business cuts through the noise and gets the desired result. We give complete support to MSMEs.

AnimationPlanet Video Marketing Agency is an independent collective of industry innovators, having headquarters in Pune, India.  We provide a one-stop junction for content creation and marketing. Such as Video Making, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing Strategy, Video Marketing Implementation, Animation, Graphics, Blogs/ Articles, News-Letters, Etc. We do everything in-house by offering our clients Consistency, Convenience, and Confidence.

Our team of experts has its own niche. With the luxury of diverse skill sets, our team has a depth of understanding and creating a unique and original product for our clients.

So How Exactly Do We Innovate Conventions?

By being highly strategic. We dig up the best research and hunt down the greatest opportunities. Most importantly, we support our clients’ needs in a truly responsive way.  We work with them as partners to solve marketing problems, smash sales targets, and generate ROI (Return on Investment).

AnimationPlanet is an international Video Marketing Agency. We have a client base just not in India. We have a strong foundation of clients in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Germany, etc. And we are always expanding it to a large extent.

We have successfully served more than 200 projects in versatile industries. Such as the Safety industry, medical, engineering, IT, Training industry, etc.

AnimationPlanet Video Marketing Agency in Pune, India consistently works to bring new innovation to the video marketing industry. Our vision is to make India lead at a global level in the video marketing industry.

Due to our unique innovations and authentic vision, Insight Success magazine, India (having more than 2 lakh subscribers), published AnimationPlanet as the brand in their magazine.

AnimationPlanet is the only Video Marketing Agency in India that has created a tailor-made plan for MSMEs to solve their trendy marketing needs.

SVMP – Systematic Video Marketing Plan (TM) is the invention of AnimationPlanet, Video Marketing Agency.

SVMP is a comprehensive framework taking care of your Content Development and Digital Marketing under one roof.

AnimationPlanet – Empowering Your Marketing

Why Choose Video Marketing?

✔️Visuals Have More Impact On The Human Brain Than Text

✔️Builds Brand Value

✔️Improves Web Presence

✔️Increases Engagement

✔️Builds Trust

✔️Increases Retention Rate

✔️Build An Emotional Connection With Your Audience

✔️Enhances SEO

✔️Encourages Social Shares

✔️Boosts Sales And Generate ROI

Type Of Videos In Video Marketing

1. For Brand Awareness

✔️Explainer Videos

✔️Story Videos

✔️Promotional Videos

✔️The “Why” Videos

✔️Company Profile Video

✔️Personal Profile Video

2. For Engagement

✔️Client Nurture Videos

✔️Interview Videos

✔️Educational Videos

✔️Product/Service Highlight Videos

✔️Interactive Videos

✔️360 Degree Videos

3. For Lead Generation

✔️Free E-Book Or PDF Download Videos

✔️Webinar / Seminar Promos

✔️Event Promotional Videos

✔️Trail Offer Videos

✔️Regular Classes Promo Videos

✔️Ad Videos

4. For Lead Conversion

✔️Company Testimonial Videos

✔️Employee Testimonial Videos

✔️Culture Videos

✔️Career In Videos

✔️Case Studies Videos

✔️Pitch Videos

✔️Ad Videos


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