Business Video: What To Choose Animation Or Live-Action Video?


Businesses often have confusions about what video style would suit best to their message. 

Would they have the impact they desire with that style?

What if, they choose the wrong style and lose the traction they built?

Well fore and foremost, traction is something that takes time to build. It is the building of loyal followers through consistent marketing.

Hence, even if you choose the wrong style for video, you won’t lose the traction immediately after 1 video.

Moreover, with video analytics, you would know which video didn’t work well and you can always change it.

OK, now that the pressure is released, let us see which style would be good for your Business videos, Animation, or Live Action? And when to use which style? This will help you save critical decision time.

Firstly, Let’s compare both the styles for the pros and cons:

Before that first let’s understand what is an animation video? and what is a live-action video?

The animation video is the art of drawing sketches or graphics in series called frames, making it look like the images are moving. Nowadays, majorly, the designs are completely generated on a computer.

On the contrary, Live-action video is the recording of the action, using a camera. Cinematography or videography that does not make use of animations are parts of live-action video.

OK, now we have understood what are animated videos and what are live-action videos.

Let’s see what are their pro’s and con’s

We will compare each under 5 factors.

1. Visuals

2. Costs

3. Time to create

4. Revisions

5. Connection

1. Visuals:

Animation visuals are majorly computer generated. The designs, graphics, animations are the result of the creativity of artists, which are custom made for the video. 

They are fashioned to be catchy and attractive.

There is no limitation to the imagination and creativity while making an animated video.

They do not follow the laws of the real world, thus giving open space to the imaginative flow of the artist.

There are fewer to none pre-requisites to create an animated video.

Live-action videos are also highly creative and catchy but have a limitation of reality.

One has to take extra steps if he wants to take imaginative shots.

The pre-requisites required are high.

From actors, props, camera, location, lights, etc.

Also, he has to keep the accountability of each material used, for continuity in the shots.

For eg: It is easy to show a person flying in animation than in live shoot.

2. Costs:

For animation videos, major costs comprise of the content, storyboard, voiceover, animation, music, sound effects, etc.

As there is no input of tangible things or involvement of a larger number of supportive people other than artists. Hence the cost is less.

For the live-action video, the cost is more.

Apart from content and storyboard, it requires actors, cameras, locations to shoot, insurance, props, etc. This adds to the budget of the video.

Said that, If you are generating content in-house, few of these costs can be reduced.

3. Time to create:

As mentioned earlier, the designs and graphics required for animation need to be created. Thus, to make an animated video, it requires weeks or months depending upon the type and quality of animation required.

For example, an animated explainer video requires around 4 to 5 weeks to create from scratch.

To shorten the duration, you can use designs and graphics premade for the video. 

You can also use online software like biteable, Animaker, Powtoon, etc to reduce time. However, please bear in mind, they would not create unique videos. Your competitor might be using the same.

In comparison, to create a Live action video, it requires much lesser time. You can get a professional live-action video within a couple of weeks.

And if you are generating content in-house, with no professional shoot, you might even create, one in a day.

4. Revisions:

Its easier to do revisions for an animated video. As everything is created on the computer, it’s easy to modify and re-apply in the video.

For eg: If you want to add or modify something in voiceover, you can easily re-record and re-animate the specific part.

Revisions are difficult in live-action videos.

For eg: If you want to add or modify a few lines, you need to set up the whole set at the same location, with exact lighting and environment, with the same actor, to match the continuity of the previous shot. Moreover, All these things add to the cost of the video.

5. Connection:

The animated video however attractive and engaging, lack the human connection. Everyone knows that they are not real.

Wherein, live videos work wonders when it comes to human connection. When people see a person talking to them, they feel connected and become at ease to put their trust.


Ok, so now we have a better understanding of animated and live-action videos. Their pros and cons in each factor will help you choose your next video style, wisely.

However, if you still feel confused, from our experience, we have created a list that will help you guide through your decision.

Let us see, What style would suit best to which video?


When to use animation and when to use live-action video?

*Note: You are always free to use any method depending upon the time and budget for it. However, with our industrial experience, we recommend these styles for these videos.


1. Explainer video: animation

Explainer videos generally show what problem the business solves for the customer and how. There is a possibility that it might be complex.

Hence, it is easier to break down this complexity in simpler terms using animations. Also keep them attractive and engaging enough, for the customer to be interested, and understand the solution.

2. Product promo video/ app promo video: animation

Product promos and app promos are majorly used to attract the customer. They may not necessarily inform about the qualities of the product. But they require to be eye-catching and of very high-quality visuals. Animation can easily cater to these requirements. 

3. Product demo video: animated / live-action

Product demo videos share information about the product. It might start from what it is to how it is used. Thus, you can create this in, either way, Live action or animation.

To decide the style, think whether you just need to show the demo or explain something complex about it. If you are just showing, then go for live-action, and if you are explaining, go with the animation.

You can also mix them both for different parts of your video.

4. Business profile video: live-action

Business profile video shares the culture and vision of the company. It doesn’t explain the working of the business. Thus using live-action is the best choice. You can always add animation to enhance a few parts.

5. Client testimonial: live-action

Our clients are real people, thus choosing live action for this is logical.

6. Educational videos: live-action + animation

Educational videos educate the potential customer about the product, service, or business. It requires both the parts. Human connection and explanation. Thus, the same as the product demo videos, use a mix of live-action and animation. Live-action gives you the human connection with your viewer and animation helps you to easily explain your product or service.

7. Pitch video: live-action + animation (if required)

When you are pitching to someone, the other person is not only looking at your idea but also calculating if you would be a trustworthy person. Thus it is best to use a live-action video. And you can always take the help of animations if you are explaining your business to them.


Whenever you have to choose the style of video, an easy way to decide is to answer this question:

What is my message and what output I need from this video?

If it is explaining something complexes like your product or service, it is best to use animation video. If it is a human connection you are looking for, go for the live-action video. And if it is a mix, go combine both of them.


At AnimationPlanet, we help you decide which video suits best for your purpose and also create that for you.

You can write your questions in the comments below or contact us here


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