Create Winning Video Content For Your Business

Create Winning Video Content For Your Business

In the trend of videos, content is playing the role of king. And the strategy of putting it in front of your viewers is a queen. Video content draws more eyeballs than written blogs these days.

Are you wondering, why? 

Well, If you look at video content today, it is more compelling and engaging, according to human psychology.  Creating video content is the art of converting a piece of long information into a short-duration video. It may take a long time to read a blog, need a lot of attention and focus, but the video has huge flexibility.

But if you are not the king of your video content, it’s all benefits are useless for you.

Although, you have a choice.

You can choose to put the time into creating unique content and build a prosperous brand.  Or you can choose an easy path with ordinary content- but this path will lead you nowhere. It is a waste of time and resources.

The choice is yours. Hence, choose wisely…!!!

Before you lose patience, let’s look at some tips to create winning content for videos:

1. Create Authentic content

Authenticity is always original and unique. It’s your genuine and authentic creation. That is why it goes a long way. Copying content is a waste of time. It is of no use. Since Google has plagiarism blockers that will stop your content from spreading on digital platforms.

Copying causes plagiarism. To create unique content do some research, brainstorm, and wait until you get your original creation.

It is better to wait, instead of diminishing your brand value by copying someone else content.

Oh…you need a lot of content to create a video series. What is the easy way? Let’s rephrase someone else’s idea. Does that work?

Absolutely not…!!!

Three Mistakes People Do While Creating Content:

❇️They copy content and re-combine it into gibberish.

❇️They outsource cheap, slave labor-priced content writers to write filler content.

❇️They collect content from around the world and just get permission to repost it.

Reposting content from other sites, low-value content, plagiarized content will save your efforts. But it will not lead you to any result.

When we say original, we mean “original content”

“Original and unique video content will also boost your SEO ranking and increase traffic.”

2. Create Actionable Content

Viewers are smart today. Before they watch your video, they scroll a lot. But if you give an actional heading with the actionable content, no one can stop your video to reach a trend. However, be authentic to help people.

For example, many chefs used to create highly professional videos earlier, but for a layman, it was impossible to prepare those recipes at home. It used to be so complicated because people were not having the ingredients or tools to prepare those dishes at home. But now, many chefs prefer to cook in their kitchen in home style. These videos are simple to understand. It is easy for people to copy them now. Hence, the content has become actionable.

Another great example is fiction books and motivational videos.  Why do people read fiction books or watch motivational videos? To become a better person.

3. Solve Problems And Answer Questions

Mostly when people use a search engine, what do they ultimately want?

They want the solution to their problem or answer to their question. When people do this, Google’s job is to provide a solution and answer. Google is great at doing this. You type a problem or question, google will provide you with a solution with links, pictures, and videos.

Likewise, when people are watching videos on youtube or anywhere, they look for solutions and knowledge.

Interestingly, people don’t just want an answer, they want it very quickly. Hence, they watch videos that appear in the top 5 or 6. Therefore, your video content should be engaging, authentic, and valuable.

For example, you think of buying a new laptop. Before buying, you go through the video reviews. You find out the pros and cons of the laptop. You watch demos before deciding to buy. You choose the most watched and liked the video as you think it answers your question “whether the laptop is an appropriate choice for you, or not”. And only after this research, you decide to buy the laptop.

4. Create a Simple Video Seo Strategy

SEO isn’t only vital for blogs and websites, it is also important for videos these days. Youtube is also owned by Google. And it has become the second largest search engine online. It is not only used to find specific videos but also to search for broad information – just as people do on Hence, content plays a major role, here.

Catchy and short titles with keywords are included in SEO ranking. You can use the SEO ranking keywords suggestion tool or the youtube keyword tool to find related keywords. Also, add keywords to your video descriptions and provide a link to your website. Link building is important in video content like blog content. The links that lead to your video are vital for keywords ranking in search.

The whole SEO strategy is a part of your content strategy.

The challenge in video content is that you have limited words and time. You have to convey your message and detailed information in a fixed duration as demanded by the viewer.

Genuineness goes a long way, no matter if it is in life or in video content. Hence, be genuine and authentic while creating content if you want it to be called “your own original winning content.”

How Can AnimationPlanet Support You In Creating The Winning Content For Your Video?

We understand that you are confused, what kind of content you should choose for your videos or video marketing planning for your business.

You might have a lot of unanswered questions, as the industry has just taken a boom. And is in high demand. More appropriate and professional knowledge is not available to you.

But AnimationPlanet will provide the right guidance based on your requirement while providing the best strategies.

AnimationPlanet Can Help You In

  1. Creating and implementing the best video content 
  2. Creating SVCP- Systematic Video Content Plan makes sure that it drives the results desired by you.

Why does it work? As it does not work on dreamy goals, but data-driven marketing analysis and innovative creatives. 

  1. Providing a complete pack of strategy, creation, and implementation of video content in marketing your business giving a fantastic online presence and improved brand value.

Let’s start creating the results, your business deserves!

To speak to your trusted brand of video marketing email us at

If your business deserves the best then why compromise with the ordinary!


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