How To Choose The Right Video Marketing Company For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Video Marketing Company For Your Business

Video marketing has the power to change the landscape of your business- but if done rightly. Certainly, you might have come so far as to make some preliminary decisions regarding how to proceed in choosing the right video marketing for your company. But many people have confused–which video marketing company is best to choose?

To decide, consider the following points to choose the right video marketing company

Video marketing is not just about videos, it’s more

Always remember, video marketing is not about video creation only. It includes complete marketing strategy, promotional activities of the video, and digital marketing as well. If you are a beginner in video marketing, include initial strategy- follow through creation till implementation, ending with taking actions based on derived results.  At the bottom of its heart, video helps to drive leads, sales, and much more.  Successful video marketing requires a strong foundation in the principles of marketing.

Conduct a self-analysis of your need. Based on that, find out the capabilities of the video marketing company to support your marketing plan and video function requirements. Ask these questions to your video marketing company…

  • How many projects have you done yet, and what problems you have solved?
  • What type of videos have you produced more? What level of videos have you done more; top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, or bottom-of-funnel?
  •  Who all are there in your team and what is their experience and expertise?
  •  Do you have your own production team or do you outsource?
  •  Can you show some of your case studies, which have produced results?
  •  What strategy do you follow to help your clients understand?
  • Which video is needed to solve their particular problem?

Time Saver

Mostly it happens, instead of a video marketing company’s job, it becomes more of your job.  You have to devote equal time to them. That becomes very irritating and time-killing for you. A company that can’t understand your project by a brief or by casual talk, means, they lack experience. Why have you hired them if at every step they need you? Dare to go with them- who kill your time for their job.

A company with experience and knowledge is a time-saver for you.  They put one leg into your shoes to completely understand your purpose of creating the video. They support you a shoulder to shoulder without disturbing you.  They are a deep thinker and highly intellectual. As they can understand your need in just a short time. They can imagine your video in their mind, while you are briefing them about your needs.  “A right video marketing team keeps you free so that you focus on your core business functionalities rather than marketing- That’s a bigger time-saver.”

  •   Take an overview of the company

Content is king strategy is queen together they bring the kingdom you are keen to see.

Do some research about them. Check their website. Also, check their social media profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn followers. Through this, you will get to know their thinking process, the strategy of working, working style, and quality of content.   Since content is king, the strategy is queen and together they bring the kingdom, you are keen to see.

  •     Know their clients

We are living in a tech world, where finding anything about someone is the easiest task. Go to their website and check who all are their clients. Are they more focused on big corporates, small businesses, or individuals? By knowing this, you will be able to identify if they have the experience to solve your problem or not. This will also help you to know their transparency at work.

  •  Do they understand you?

Do they empathize with your vision and purpose? Try to know how much they have understood your business. Ask some questions based on the discussion you had with them. Share your target audience list with them and see what solution they come up with. You need to know how they perceive your business. Do they listen to you or just emphasize on you for convincing their idea for your problem- this is the most critical.

For example: If you are in the middle of the funnel or not a beginner and need to hire a video marketer- Ask yourself: Is the video created by them is to enhance your existing marketing campaign? Would this video content be used off-site (like on YouTube, Facebook, and Linked In, etc) to generate traffic? Or would it enhance the reach of your current website? Would it accomplish your brand awareness objective? Or any purpose for which you are creating that video. Since the more unique your problem is, the more unique solution it needs.

·        Find out their integrity & authenticity

Those who have high integrity and reliability, don’t leave you out dry. Check their reviews. Read testimonials of their clients, watch some videos which they have already made for their clients.  Try to find out their authenticity and commitment level by getting in touch with their previous staff and clients.

 How can AnimationPlanet support you in leading the trend of video marketing?

We understand that you are confused, what kind of videos or video marketing planning suits your business.

You might have a lot of unanswered questions, as the industry has just taken a boom. And video marketing is in high demand. More appropriate and professional knowledge is not available to you.

But now, you don’t have to worry

AnimationPlanet will solve all your confusion while providing you the best facility. We commit to resolve all your confusion and guide you in the best manner.

AnimationPlanet can help you in

  1. Creating and implementing the videos
  2. Creating SVMP- Systematic Video Marketing Plan makes sure that it drives the results desired by you.

Why does it work? As it does not work on dreamy goals, but data-driven marketing analysis and innovative creatives.

  1. Providing a complete pack of strategy, creation, and implementation of videos in marketing your business giving a fantastic online presence and improved brand value.

Let’s start creating the results, your business deserves!

To speak to your trusted brand of video marketing email us at

If your business deserves the best then why compromise with the ordinary!


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