Importance Of Video Marketing

Importance Of Video Marketing

Video helps us to capture and contextualize the world around us – AnimationPlanet

Have you heard these days that video marketing is in trend these days?

If yes…!!!

You have heard it right.

Do you know, what is video marketing? And what is it important? And why has it become a trend in 2020?

Let me take you on the journey. No matter if you are not a marketing person or not. This article will help you understand why video marketing is important.

What is video marketing?

When you use videos to promote and market products & services, it is called video marketing.

Therefore, Increasing engagement on social media. And educating individuals about your product & services can be done by video marketing. Additionally, it can also build your brand value and trust with your loyal customers on different social media platforms. hence, If you build trust with your existing customers, they will share your video with family and friends. This would help you to build new customers.

Why is video marketing important? 

Consumers like it because it is easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging. Marketers like it because it could give a potentially huge return on investment( ROI). Hence, they don’t want to miss including video marketing strategy in their marketing plan.

Here are the 4 important reasons to use video marketing;

  • It is a primary feature of marketing

The versatility of videos and engaging content gives a person a real-life picture of what is going on around the world. In 2016 people used to just talk about it. Nobody wanted to believe in it. But today, if you are in business and not believing in it, you are dragging yourself behind the bar. Hence Video marketing has become the trend these days. It is flooding on social media and websites amazingly.

Research has shown that people are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service that demonstrates the product in a video presentation. This helps the consumer in establishing a personal connection with the business. Thus showing video marketing is the primary feature of marketing. That means, if you think of a marketing plan without video marketing, you are putting yourself in the red zone.

  • Improve traffic on your website and SEO ranking

Did you know?

“The Website With Video Content Is 53 Times More Likely To Rank First On The Google Search Result.”

Reading the description of a product makes buyers feel lazy and they have to find a specific time. That is a challenging and time taking process. It reduces your customer engagement and impacts sales. Whereas video brings a clear understanding of the benefit of a product or service.

People find it more convenient to watch a video while performing other tasks. They don’t have to find a specific time for it.  This enhances customer engagement and improves traffic on your site and increases sales. This convenience to the buyer has proven to be a highly effective marketing technique.

A study has shown that 75% of business professionals watch promotional videos frequently for relevant products and services they are interested in.

A business can now reach a large engagement of audience by creating memorable and funny videos.

Video ads with emotional messages have a huge impact on their audience. That imposes them to take action and increase the reach of your customer.

  • Build trust in the market

Often it happens, when a person identifies any good information, they share it the most with their friends and family. That gives huge exposure to your business. And it indirectly helps you in reaching out to your potential customer. That is how the idea of buying things online has built trust in the market and expanded to a huge level.

  • Make buyers feel connected

Mostly it happens, movements catch a person’s eye and compel the viewer to pay dense attention. Likewise, a website that utilizes videos to draw the attention of the viewer has an immense advantage over those that rely on simple text and images.

While buying anything online, people try to find personal connections every time. Since It is human behavior to feel a personal connection. Until, they find and feel that connection, their instinct feels something is missing. Once the connection is felt, it is easy for a human being to trust anything. Videos bring that liveliness to the product and service. Where the consumer can feel connected and build trust with your brand. And this builds the reliability and credibility of your brand.

To conclude: 

Video marketing is important because:

  • It builds trust with your customer
  • It enhances the reach of your customer
  • It brings more engagement to your business
  • It increases the traffic on your website
  • It increases your sales
  • It builds trust and credibility for your brand

By knowing all the above benefits, you must decide to include video marketing in your marketing strategy. If you are already doing it, congratulations…!!!, you are already in the trend of video marketing.

How can AnimationPlanet support you in leading the trend of video marketing?

We understand that you are confused, what kind of video or video marketing planning suits your business.

You might have a lot of unanswered questions, as the industry has just taken a boom. And is in high demand. more appropriate and professional knowledge is not available to you.

But now, you don’t have to worry

AnimationPlanet will help in solving all your confusion while providing the best strategies.

Why does it work? As it does not work on dreamy goals, but data-driven marketing analysis and innovative creatives.

  1. Providing a complete pack of strategy, creation, and implementation of videos in marketing your business giving a fantastic online presence and improved brand value.

Let’s start creating the results, your business deserves!

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