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Gem Knowledge Base And Mobile App

This is the final video from the 3 part series videos of GEM fluency framework.

Task: Create a video explaining the working of the GEM mobile app and the GEM fluency framework knowledge base.


  1. Cover a vast topic and explain how the app works within 1:30 min
  2. Create the video as an extension to the previous videos of the series (GEM Roadmap and GEM Overview).

Solution: We started the video from the end of the second video (GEM Roadmap) in a new unknown solar system. It fitted perfectly with the client’s brief, “take the teams on an unexplored journey and as a result bring out the digital transformation of the organization.” The new planet became the undiscovered territory where GEM teams started to build an ecosystem from scratch. Consequently, becoming a highly efficient digital organization. Above all we covered the ideas of the knowledge base and Mobile app easily in precise points in addition to showing their benefits.