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Have you heard that one video for all stages in your marketing funnel doesn’t work?

If yes…!!!

You have heard it right.

Many of you might have read in blogs and heard that video does wonders for you. However, when you create a video and share, you don’t get the result. And thus conclude that the internet is wrong/ or it just works for big companies.

This is because now one video for all doesn’t work.

“Creating a single video to cover the entire process is like mixing chapati, rice, sweet dish, soup, pulses, bread, etc in a single bowl.”

You might be able to imagine the scenario? Does this bowl of mixture taste good to you?

Absolutely not…!!!

It may feel tasteless and unappetizing. Few people could vomit if they eat it mistakenly. But for sure, you are not going to like it.

Likewise, if you create only a single video, you put everything in it- from introducing your product, to show its benefits, to display its demo, testimonials, and have a call to action. All in the same video.

These several messages in 1 video will confuse and misguide your audience about your brand. They might appreciate your work but would not become your customer.

In contrast, if you create one video each for every category, sharing one message at a time, the viewer going through your marketing funnel increases tremendously.


To do this, AnimationPlanet has come up with a framework called SVMP (A Systematic Video Marketing Plan).

A Systematic Video Marketing Plan, helps you create strategic videos for every stage of your marketing funnel.

These strategically placed videos become a guide for your audience to know about you, learn more from you, build trust in you, and as a result, buy from you. Ultimately, enhance your ROI.

Therefore, now whenever you do your marketing planning, invest via SVMP to get compounding results.

This is the best way to get visible results in the form of ROI within your budget. Especially if you are a medium and small business.

Let’s understand the major benefits of SVMP

  • It makes your marketing planning disciplined

One of the most important factors is to ensure you meet your long-term marketing goals with discipline.

A monthly fixed price makes the video marketing plan easy. It does not depend on the Annual turnover cycle. This makes the plan consistent.

In turn,  it leads to results. SVMP is designed in such a manner, that it ensures the video marketing planning does not stop even if you have no budget sometimes. This whole process is designed to make your marketing campaign successful and disciplined to get visible results.

  • SVMP is Pocket-Friendly

We understand that it is not always possible for you to invest large lump sum amounts in a video. Therefore, you may choose weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual installments as per your financial situation.

  • SVMP Creates Compounding Effect Result

As Albert Einstein said, “ The compound effect is the eighth wonder of the world.” It perfectly goes with your SVMP planning.

When you remain invested in the long-term, you can accumulate higher returns in less time because of the power of compounding. This means that today you might be getting a slow result but after a year, your result will become cumulative.

You may have heard the story of the bamboo tree. Like any plant, to flourish the Bamboo tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine. In the first four years, there are no visible signs of activity or development above the soil. But in the fifth year- voila!  The bamboo tree grows 80 feet in just six weeks.

Likewise with video marketing by using SVMP. For a few months, it might not show big results. But within a year, you will see tremendous growth due to the impact of compounding.

  • You Can Always Enhance our SVMP If You Have More Budget

As we know marketing has no limit. It has various ways to expand your reach and brand value in the market. You started with small due to shortage of funds but now you can increase the amount to get more benefits and fast results.


How can AnimationPlanet support you in implementing SVMP in your business?

We understand that you are directionless and unclear about SVMP. How to do planning and execution, etc.

You might have a lot of unanswered questions, as the concept is new. More appropriate and professional knowledge is not available to you.

But AnimationPlanet will provide the right guidance based on your requirement while providing best strategies.

AnimationPlanet can help you in

  1. Creating SVMP- Systematic Video Marketing Plan, makes sure that it drives the results desired by you.
  2. Creating and implementing the videos.

Why does it work? As it does not work on dreamy goals, but data-driven marketing analysis and innovative creatives.

  • Providing a complete pack of strategy, creation, and implementation of videos in marketing your business giving fantastic online presence and improved brand value.

Let’s start creating the results, your business deserves!

To speak to your trusted brand of video marketing email us at

If your business deserves the best then why compromise with the ordinary!



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