Video Marketing Expectations Vs Reality

Video Marketing Expectations Vs Reality

The expectations of video marketing amongst people are the same as they had from maggie. That it cooks in two minutes.

Often, things are not as we expect them to be. The ground reality is different from expectations. And expecting with half or no knowledge is more dangerous. Therefore,we must check whether our expectations are based on reality or not.

We thought maggie would be cooked in two minutes. But when we started cooking, it took its own time.

Likewise is with video marketing. The very first expectation people have, video marketing can give the desired result in a few weeks. Moreover, just by creating one or two videos

People watch a minimum of four to six hours of video content daily. With such a large content consumption, our video can easily go out of their mind. Therefore, we must plan our video marketing strategically. Meanwhile, consistency is vital. Such as, two videos in a week or four videos a month.

Our video marketing goal should be SMART (Systemic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). For instance,

first I need to create brand value, then focus on revenue, not vice-versa. And in the next six months, I have to generate “X” number of leads. To generate those leads, the “Y” amount of investment is required. Overall, your clarity in purpose for doing video marketing is vital.

The second expectation majority people procure, it takes very little time to create the video. Then, why do video marketing companies charge high tickets?

There are plenty of Apps available on the play store. We can create videos by using them. But what an expert does, a layman can’t do.

Why do we often travel 50 kilometers to have our favourite food at our favorite place? When  can we buy the same dish from our nearby shop?

You might be thinking, “I go 50 kilometers because that restaurant provides quality food”.  Exactly! The same is true with video marketing. It takes time to create quality videos. Creating script, storyboard, editing videos, animation, and then marketing is a long process. Furthermore, providing suitable voiceover, live shoot, best camera equipment and actors for live shoot is a challenge. Hence, it takes time.

Deadlines make the creative teams sleepless, sometimes. Since, a creator can compromise with the sleep, but not with the quality. Their work is their soul. They put their everything to provide you the best.

The third expectation is the illusion of our mind. We think, whatever video we create, will give the result. But if our video content is not in demand, it doesn’t work. Thus, doing the research before creating videos is a must. Often people do research after creating the video. But it’s no longer relevant.

“We first learn to swim, then jump to the ocean. Opposite action puts our life at risk. Research-based videos are the most effective videos.

Foremostly, many people assume to do the promotion themselves. They just need someone who can create or edit videos for them. What if the government sends civilians at the border instead of trained soldiers?

Likewise, if you have bigger goals for your business, hire a professional video marketer. But before choosing any video marketing agency, check whether that video marketing company creates your complete strategy. If they have a marketing plan to promote your videos. Or do they give a result-oriented video marketing plan?  Do they understand your audience and adhere to your marketing goals?  Do they have the resources and skills to deliver the work they promised? Most importantly, are they time bound while delivering the quality work?

AnimationPlanet gives you guidance on how to do video marketing strategically to achieve your marketing goals.

Thus, To make your video marketing a huge success, Talk to the expert on call Directly.

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