Video Marketing Trends In 2022

Video Marketing Trends In 2022

Hello, my dear small businesses…!!!

Are you thinking about my (Video Marketing) future?

Am I going to be in trend for 2022 or not? 

Or do you even doubt my existence? 

I understand your concern, my dear friends. But I don’t break friendships. For me, once a friend is always a friend.

I know many of you have not accepted my friend request in 2021. You didn’t trust me. You were uncertain about my existence. So, let me tell all of you, I am not just going to be alive in 2022. In fact, I am going to create a legacy for the next 30 more years. Like I have been on all platforms in 2021 with the support of my friend, content.

Those who didn’t believe me in 2021, I have more facts and data for you.

Before diving into data, I would like to share with you that, due to covid-19, online engagement has increased vastly.

51% of marketers were investing in virtual events in 2021. Which is the direct growth of the video marketing industry.

I know, you can’t deny this visible truth.

80% of marketers intend to invest the same budget or more into virtual events in 2022 as well.

Let’s check further how video marketing is going to rule the digital world: 

Video watching time has reached sixteen hours per week. With that number, as a brand, do you still want to see results investing in video marketing for your products/services?

Do you know that experts project that 82% of all web traffic will come from video content in 2022?

“2022” will be the year of videos.


Since organizations have now gotten more comfortable with it. Additionally, they realize it’s a power to engage their audience, communicate offerings, and provide infotainment,”  

64 %  of customers say in a survey that they purchase a product after viewing a brand’s video content. Also, they recall branded videos 86% more than the unskippable ads on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

HubSpot’s Survey found that video marketing will remain on the top as a marketing strategy in 2022. Also, 59% of survey participants use video in their content marketing strategy. While 76% of marketers who leverage video, call it the most effective content format.

Based on specialists’ views, video with strong content yields the highest ROI.

“Video creates an emotional connection with your target audience. And it is easy for your brand to repurpose video content into podcasts and text-based content. “But on the flip side, it is hard to turn a text or audio content first into a video. Therefore, in 2022 look for brands to create more video content. You will see it happening just in form of straight video, short clips like reels, YouTube Shorts, and even live to stream.“

Our research team found that short-video content is the second most effective trend marketers are currently leveraging. More than 31% of global marketers currently invest in short-form videos. 46% of them consider this strategy effective in terms of performance and engagement. 89% of global marketers plan to continue investing in it or increase their investment in 2022.

Earlier, video creation and video marketing were limited to big businesses due to costly resources and production. But today, it’s much more accessible. Since AnimationPlanet has created a tailor-made video marketing strategy by keeping Small businesses and start-ups in mind. Hence, it is less intimidating to incorporate videos into your marketing efforts.

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Along with it, AnimationPlanet’s SVMP (Systematic Video Marketing Plan) framework works best for SMEs and individual brands.

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I have shared all my strengths with you. 

If you still miss this opportunity of being my (Video Marketing) buddy, it’s your loss completely.

Though I know, you will not like to lose such a good friend like me. Who is just thinking of your growth?

I (Video Marketing) am eagerly waiting to accept your friend request before the trend of 2022 starts.

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